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A typical first-year student's fees comprise of tuition & related fees, and residence fees.  Both are explained below.


Tuition is determined by the number and type of courses you take. Every course at the University of Alberta has a fee index (represented by the (fi=X) beside each course listed in the University Calendar). Most Augustana courses have a fee index of 6, as they are 3-credit courses.

The cost of a course is determined by multiplying the fee index by the University-wide tuition index value.

For example, if the tuition index value is $85.00*, a course with a fee index of 6 would cost $510.00.
* The actual value will vary from year to year.  Check the Course fee amounts links below to see the actual value
Audited courses are ½ the cost.

Course fee amounts can be found on the main University of Alberta site:

A sample fee assessment can also be found on the main University of Alberta site:

For a description of the payment options available to Augustana students, click here.


Residence Fees for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

  4 Month Contract 8 Month Contract
Double Room $3,280 $6,240
Single Room $3,864 $7,368


» The meal plan is mandatory and is shown here to assist you when using the online application process.  These amounts are included in the full contract amount.

» Residence Fees include room and all meals during the academic year except for the Christmas break during which time all Residence Facilities are closed.