Introduction to Religion

An introduction to the study of religion, focusing on major religions of the world. The course briefly examines the histories of these religions and various social and cultural phenomena associated with them, and also introduces students to the contemporary discipline of religious studies and the theories and methods associated with it.

Jesus of Nazareth in Contemporary Theology

Introduction to religious studies through an examination of contemporary theological interpretations of one central figure, Jesus of Nazareth.

The Hebrew Prophets

Attempt to interpret selected prophets within their historical context. The course explores the relevance of the prophetic mode of analyzing contemporary society.

Modern Ethics

Contemporary problems in religious ethics and their impact on individual and collective decision-making in the areas of personal and social issues.

Selected Topics in Religion

This course covers selected topics in Religion. Topics may vary from year to year depending on the instructor and student interest.

Sex and Gender in Ancient Religions

An examination of religious texts and artifacts from the ancient world (e.g. biblical texts, Mesopotamian myths, iconography on statuary, reliefs, etc.), with a specific focus on representations of sex and gender. The course will introduce contemporary issues in gender theory to use as a lens for examining material from the ancient world, with the goal of better understanding various human beliefs and practices in relation to sexuality, the body and construction of gender.

Storied Landscapes

What stories do landscapes tell humans? What consequences do climate change, digital spaces and biotechnology have on how humans receive and preserve those stories? This course analyzes what is culturally, ecologically and religiously at stake in the inherited narratives humans have about the land. It does so by investigating stories about nature in creative, philosophical and religious writing. It focuses on the ways human experiences in forests, deserts, snow and water have been used as resources to challenge problems of race, injustice and violence in modern life. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUENV 365 and AUREL 365