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Solar Panels

Current temperatures
Solar panel: 33.6°C
Water tank: 31.4°C
Savings since Jan. 19, 2011
Energy: 209.83 GJ
Carbon: 1,028.15 KG
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Hosted by Augustana's Green Campus Committee, this site will help you share sustainability ideas and projects, discover what’s happening to green the campus, and learn a bit about reducing your impact on the planet.

New Opportunity! Earn a Certificate in Sustainability while you complete your undergraduate degree. This certificate allows you to take courses, mostly within your faculty, that build your knowledge, capability and connections in sustainability. You will find it fun and important, and you will learn how to contribute to the world you wish to see.

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27Feb -Prairie Peace Convergence Conference

Prairie Peace Convergence conference this weekend
February 26

What if a community could create the better world it wished for, where all people, communities and ecosystems could live well?


Prairie Peace Convergence Conference
February 09

The Prairie Peace Convergence: A transformative education for all people, lands and generations What if a community could create the better world it wished for, where all people, communities and ecosystems could live well? Each person, animal, vegetable and mineral valued; essential to the whole. What if living vocationally was the way one contributed to …



Sustainable solutions in the Augustana cafeteria
February 02

Lilas Bielopotocky integrates sustainability into food services at Augustana.



The Way Forward Conference, Feb 19-21
January 22

The Way Forward: Envisioning Treaty Rights in Modern Resource Management Registration now open! eStore for conference registration: https://payment.augustana.ualberta.ca/store/The+Way+Forward+Conference/​  Conference overview: Treaty rights regarding natural resources are increasingly discussed in the media and within Aboriginal, legal and industry communities, yet the implications for government processes have received little attention. The Way Forward: Envisioning Treaty Rights in Modern …


Student Sustainability Summit Registration Deadline
January 06

Student Sustainability Summit: January 23 & 24, 2016 Register at sustainability.ualberta.ca/summit by Monday, January 18


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