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A second or third language gives you a unique set of capabilities that will distinguish you from other candidates for a job, and a Modern Languages degree may lead to employment in both Canada and abroad. Augustana graduates in Modern Languages are using their language skills in teaching, interpreting, tourism, international business, graduate studies, and the computing industry. Recent graduates are also working in Canada and Europe as national park administrators, provincial and federal government employees, organists, and choral conductors.

What our Graduates are saying...

"Smaller classes and a wide variety of extra-curricular 'modern languages' activities extend and enhance the education experience. Graduating from Augustana's modern languages program prepared me extremely well for moving on to obtain my Bachelor of Education degree in Modern Languages." - Laura Peters: Modern Languages

"Learning another language helps you understand your own language better, to think in a new way. It provides a way to learn about another culture. It is becoming increasingly important to understand countries and cultures everywhere." - Sheila Hyatt: French/German, Music

"Since meeting people from every continent and hearing their story, I am now much more in-tune with current events. I now find myself more compassionate towards the news, as those people who are starving, or fighting a bloody war now have names and faces to me." - Morgan Lawrence: Norwegian, Psychology

"Studying a foreign language is an incredible experience. It has opened opportunities for me to travel, to work and to meet new people. I would never have had these experiences had I not studied French." - Rob Nichols: French, Political Studies