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Randomly Scrambled Lists of Numbers

Jonathan Mohr

There are applications in which it is useful to have a list consisting of the integers in some integral range arranged in randomly scrambled order. For example, you might have 49 entries in an essay contest and, to be as fair as possible, you want to grade the entries in random order.

This page is an interface to a simple JavaScript program which generates a list of integers between some user-specified minimum and maximum values, (pseudo-) randomly scrambles the list, and then writes the scrambled list into the text area below.

Contact me if you have problems with or questions about this utility.)

WARNING: One reference I consulted indicated that Internet Explorer does not randomize the random number generator, so that the same list will be generated (for the same input parameters) each time the browser is restarted. Either a) use Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror, etc., or b) generate a few lists of different sizes from different ranges before generating the actual list you want.

NOTE: If you have the opposite problem -- you want to randomly select a subset of the integers in some range, but you want to see the results in sorted order -- see Sorted Lists of Random Numbers

What is the minimum number in the desired range of integers?

What is the maximum number in the desired range of integers?

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