MAT 260
Evaluation of Students

Evaluation:  Your final grade is determined by the greater of the three schemes below:

Assigned Problems     20%   Assigned Problems     20%   20%
Participation     20%   Participation     20%   20%
Three Term Tests     60%        OR        Best Two Term Tests     50%        OR        40%
          Project/Presentation     10%   20%

Assigned Problems:  Problems will be assigned at the end of most class meetings, posted on the Assigned page of this website, and you should work on them before the next class meeting. Periodically, I will collect and grade your solutions for these problems. I will expect you to practice academic integrity of the highest standards (see the expectations of the University of Alberta elsewhere under Academic Integrity). I encourage you to share your questions and ideas about these problems with other students, but it should be a genuine sharing (not a taking) and the solutions you submit for these problems should be substantially your own.

Participation:  This will be based partly on class attendance (one point of at most five of these twenty points will be deducted for each unexcused absence) but mostly on participation in the course inside and outside class, such as asking good questions, answering questions, presenting problem solutions to the class, and seeking help with assigned problems when necessary.

Midterm Exam:  The three term tests (some of these might be take-home tests) are tentatively scheduled for October 4, November 8, and December 6.

Project/Presentation:  This might involve researching a topic on your own (Iíll suggest some possible topics) or presenting a topic from the text in class.

Grading:  In this course, conversion of percentage scores to letter grades is roughly

92-100%    A+           78-81%    B+           66-69%    C+           54-57%    D+
87-91%    A           74-77%    B           62-65%    C           50-53%    D
82-86%    A-           70-73%    B-           58-61%    C-           0-49%    F

This conversion table gives the minimum grade that you can expect to receive in the course. For example, if your percentage score, when rounded to the nearest integer, lies between 70% and 73% inclusive, you can expect to receive a grade of at least B-. I sometimes move the percentage ranges down a bit (resulting in a higher letter grade in some cases) to reflect natural groupings in the percentage scores and/or to raise grades generally.