CSC 120
Expectations for Students

Attendance:  Regular class attendance is expected of all Augustana students. In this course, students are expected to attend both lecture and lab classes regularly. This is very important for your success in the course, since one missed concept in a Computing Science course can be crucial for the understanding of concepts presented later. The consequences of poor lecture and lab attendance are given elsewhere under Class Participation.

Academic Integrity:  The University of Alberta is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty. Students are expected to be familiar with these standards regarding academic honesty and to uphold the policies of the University in this respect. Students are particularly urged to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Code of Student Behaviour (online at and avoid any behaviour which could potentially result in suspicions of cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation of facts and/or participation in an offence. Academic dishonesty is a serious offence and can result in suspension or expulsion from the University.  
In this course, most cases of plagiarism involve two students having very similar solutions for a lab assignment. Academic integrity requires that you do your own work, never copying the work of another student and passing it off as your own. Interaction among students is a valuable part of the learning experience, and so I encourage you to discuss concepts related to a lab assignment with your classmates, but this does NOT allow you to copy program code from another student (even if you make some cosmetic changes to it) or to work with a classmate to produce jointly-authored code. Furthermore, you MUST acknowledge (in a program comment) any ideas gained from another student in a discussion about a lab assignment. Finally, to protect yourself against charges of plagiarism, NEVER lend a copy of your code (especially an electronic copy) to another student.

Active Learning:  It is important to be an active learner, e.g. read the textbook (it is very readable), write good class notes, experiment and wrestle with JAVA programs). Any university student can succeed in this course, but some of you will have to work harder than others to do so.

Help:  There will probably be times when you need help with some aspect of the course. If this happens, I invite (and expect) you to come and see me. I enjoy helping students. I am available during my office hours (unless something unexpected arises, in which case I will post a note on my door) and at many other times as well (but not during my preparation time just before a class).

Special Needs:  Students who require accommodations in this course due to a disability affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, or mental or physical health are advised to discuss their needs with Specialized Support and Disability Services, F214, Faith and Life Centre, 679-1649, or  
Students registered with Specialized Support and Disability Services (SSDS) who will be using accommodations in the classroom, or who will be writing exams through SSDS, are required to provide a “Letter of Introduction” to the course instructor by January 15. Those students who need accommodated exams must provide the instructor with an “Exam Instructions & Authorizations Form” (yellow) one week before each exam.

NOTE:  This course outline adheres to the requirements of course outlines associated with courses offered at the University of Alberta. Policy about course outlines can be found in Section 23.4(2) of the University Calendar.