CSC 120
Evaluation of Students

Evaluation:  Your final grade is determined by the following weighted scheme:

Class Participation         10%
Lab Assignments         20%
Midterm/Lab Exams         40%
Final Exam         30%

Class Participation:  This component of your grade is a combination of class contributions (e.g. asking good questions, answering questions, respect for fellow students) and attendance. Regular class attendance is expected of all Augustana students. In this course, one unexcused absence from class is acceptable; one point may be deducted from the ten percentage points awarded for class participation for each additional unexcused absence, but good class contributions can compensate somewhat for poor attendance. Also, near-perfect attendance combined with good class contributions might result in bonus points for this grade component.

Lab Assignments:  There will be about eight lab assignments, consisting of exercises either from one of the two textbooks or from my collection, and there will also be a small lab project. Details about lab assignments and the lab project are posted on the Labs page of this website. On all lab work, I will expect you to practice academic integrity of the highest standards (see my expectations about this and those of the University of Alberta elsewhere under Academic Integrity).

Midterm/Lab Exams:  There will be two midterm exams, tentatively scheduled for the lab classes on February 11 and March 18. Each of these will have a lab (programming) component.

Final Exam:  To be scheduled (by the Registrar) during the exam period of April 15-22.

Grading:  In this course, conversion of percentage scores to letter grades is roughly

92-100%    A+           78-81%    B+           66-69%    C+           54-57%    D+
87-91%    A           74-77%    B           62-65%    C           50-53%    D
82-86%    A-           70-73%    B-           58-61%    C-           0-49%    F

This conversion table gives the minimum grade that you can expect to receive in the course. For example, if your percentage score, when rounded to the nearest integer, lies between 70% and 73% inclusive, you can expect to receive a grade of at least B-. Sometimes, I move the percentage ranges down a bit (resulting in a higher letter grade in some cases) to reflect natural groupings in the percentage scores and/or to raise grades generally.