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CSC 110
An Introduction to Computing Science

Fall Semester, 2003

Credits/Hours: 3 credits (3 lecture hours + 1.5 lab hours per week)

Calendar Description: An historical overview of the development of modern computers; computer applications and the social implications of information technology; the user interface and system design principles; introduction to programming and the software life cycle; overview of programming languages and introduction to program translation; gates, circuits, and Boolean logic; the architecture of a von Neumann machine; Turing machines and the theory of computation; artificial intelligence; computers and society.

Prerequisite: One of Mathematics 30, Pure Mathematics 30, MAT 092, MAT 102.

Objective: To provide students with a breadth-first exposure to the Computing Science discipline.

Instructor: Dr. Bill Hackborn. Contact Information

Required Text:

 The Analytical Engine, an Introduction to Computer Science using the Internet.
 R. Decker & S. Hirshfield, Brooks/Cole Publishing.
 The Analytical Engine Online (the authors' web site for their text book).