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Half of Augustana’s 1,000 students live in our on-site residences, whether the First-Year Complex or the senior students’ residences in the Ravine Complex.

Living in residence is a valuable part of the total university experience: in addition to being close to classes, library and the cafeteria, Residence Life at Augustana offers you a way to meet other students, activities, and convenient access to professors. Join a recreational badminton or volleyball league, sign up for one of more than 20 clubs on campus, or participate in the Students’ Association. Concentrate on academics, social life, meet new people, experience new cultures, play some sports, and hang out within a couple blocks of where you sleep!

One of our goals is to provide opportunities in residence for fun, interesting and educational activities while you are in residence. Your RAs (Resident Assistants) plan fun things like birthday parties, movie nights, trips to play paintball, sporting events, make-over parties, and times to hang out. Some of the educational activities may include organizing the floor to attend a drama production, concert or bring in a speaker to discuss topics of interest to you.

Most of our student residents take advantage of our all-you-can-eat cafeteria, which prides itself on preparing healthy dishes made from locally-produced food. During international week, menu items are featured from countries that reflect where our students are from. Special dietary requirements can also be respected.

  • Include mention of holiday closures
  • step-by-step guide to moving in, airport info, what to bring