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Find your Enrolment Date

enrolment Dates for new students typically begin at the end of March or beginning of April.  Find out when you can begin registering your courses for the Fall and Winter semesters by checking your Enrolment Date in Bear Tracks.  From the Home page, navigate to Academics, then Enrol/Enrolment Dates. (Home → Academics → Enrol / Enrolment Dates).

Make sure to register in the correct program

You can only be registered in one UAlberta program at a time.

This means that if you were admitted to another UAlberta faculty this year, prior to your admission to Augustana, you will have the choice of registering into one faculty or the other - but not both.  The registration system will default to the first program in which you were offered early admission.

The same will be true if you were admitted to one Augustana program (i.e. B.Sc.) before changing to another option (i.e. B.A.)

To change your program in Bear Tracks:
Home → Academics → Enrol / Change Program

Select the term for which you are making the change to access the "Select New Program" page, which will begin your Change of Program process.  You must complete a program change for each term in which the new program applies.

If you have already enroled in courses to a faculty other than Augustana, you will need to drop these courses before you can change to an Augustana program.  If you are changing programs within Augustana, you can "Drop all classes and re-add eligible classes"

Make sure to double-check your course registration using the ‘My Class Schedule’ page after you have made the change to your program.



View the University of Alberta Academic Calendar

View Augustana's sections
Please Note: You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your registration, so make sure you become familiar with University regulations.

Find them in Sections 20 - 27 of the University of Alberta Academic Calendar.