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  • The requirements listed below are for high school applicants, or applicants with fewer than 24 transferable credits.
  • If you are a Non-Matriculated ("Mature") Student (will be 21 or older before the first day of classes), or a transfer student, please contact the Prospective Students Office.
  • If you are from a province other than Alberta, please review the Provincial Subject Equivalents.

Competitive admission means that the admission average is subject to change based on the academic achievement of the students applying each year. Last year’s admission average can be a good indicator for the current year, but you can contact the Admissions office to ask about the most up-to-date admission averages.

For admission, students must present a minimum 70% average (with no marks below 50%) in FIVE grade 12 subjects as follows:

  1. English 30-1
  2. Three of the following subjects
    • Biology 30
    • Chemistry 30
    • Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2
    • Math 31
    • Physics 30
    • Science 30
    • Computer Science (Adv, 5 credits)
    • Social Studies 30-1
    • A 30-Level Language other than English
  3. An Approved Fifth Grade 12 Subject Any 5-credit subject, or two 3-credit subjects, other than Work Experience or Special Projects.

NOTE - Some majors require specific prerequisites for admission. See below for these specific prerequisites.



Bachelor of Arts Top

Requirements by Major: 

  Required courses
Biology Biology 30 and Chemistry 30
Chemistry Chemistry 30 and Mathematics 30-1
Computing Science Mathematics 30-1
Economics Mathematics 30-1
Environmental Studies Biology 30 and Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2
Mathematics & Physics Physics 30 and Mathematics 30-1
Psychology Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2


Bachelor of Management Top

  Required courses
Business Economics Mathematics 30-1



Bachelor of Music Top

An audition is required. Students should contact the Augustana Department of Fine Arts, Music Division to schedule an audition by April 15 for Fall term admission.

Please note that students in this program will automatically be looked at for admission to the Bachelor of Arts with a Music major. This is in order for the student to receive admission before the Audition is completed. When the Audition is successfully completed, the student will be admitted to the corresponding Bachelor of Music program.

Bachelor of Science Top

 Additional Requirements by Major:

  Required courses
Biology Biology 30, Chemistry 30, and Mathematics 30-1
Chemistry Chemistry 30, Mathematics 30-1, and an additional science course
Computing Science Mathematics 30-1 and an additional science course
Environmental Science Biology 30 and Chemistry 30
Mathematics & Physics Physics 30
Physical Education Any 2 science courses
Psychology Mathematics 30-1 and any 2 science courses
Undeclared Mathematics 30-1 and any 2 science courses


Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Combined Degree Top

Additional Requirements by Major/Minor:

  Required courses
Biology Biology 30, Chemistry 30, and Mathematics 30-1
Chemistry Chemistry 30, Mathematics 30-1, and an additional science course
General Sciences Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, and Mathematics 30-1
Mathematics & Physics Physics 30, Mathematics 30-1, and an additional science course
Physical Sciences Chemistry 30, Physics 30, and Mathematics 30-1

Classification of Subjects Top

High School classes that satisfy admission requirements as stated above, are listed below.

Humanities / Social Sciences Sciences 5th Subjects
  1. Social Studies 30-1
  2. 30-level Language other than English (See notes 1, 2, 3, 5)
  1. Biology 30
  2. Chemistry 30
  3. Computing Science (Adv, 5 credits)
  4. Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2
  5. Mathematics 31
  6. Physics 30
  7. Science 30 (See note 5)
  1. Applied Graphic Arts 35
  2. Art 30
  3. Art 31
  4. Dance 35
  5. Drama 30
  6. Music 30 (Choral, Instrumental, or General)
  7. Music 35
  8. Musical Theatre 35
  9. Performing Arts 35 A, B, or C (See notes 4,5)
  10. Physical Education 30
  11. Other Option courses


  1. Any one of French 31A, 31B, 31C, French Language Arts 20 or 30, Français 20 or 30, or 33, are considered to be equivalent to French 30 for admission purposes. In the case of French Language Arts 30, Français 30, and French 31A, 31B, and 31C, advanced placement may be granted upon application.
  2. Blackfoot Language and Culture 30, Cree Language and Culture 30, German 30 or 31, Italian 30, Japanese Language and Culture 30, Latin 30, Spanish 30, Ukrainian 30, Ukrainian Language Arts 20 or 30, meet the Language other than English requirement. There are many other 35-level, locally developed languages which may also be used to meet the Language other than English requirement; however, applicants presenting one of these may be required to complete a proficiency test administered by the University before the course will be accepted for admission purposes.
  3. Applicants wishing to present a language other than one of those presented at the Grade 12 level in Alberta should contact the Admissions Division, Office of the Registrar.
  4. Equivalents of Music 30: Conservatory Canada, Grade 8 Practical and Grade IV Theory; Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, Grade 8 Practical, Grade II Theory, Mount Royal College, Grade 8 Practical and Grade II Theory. Documents must be presented to Alberta Learning for evaluation.
  5. The Grade 12 subjects listed above are based on the Alberta Learning curriculum and nomenclature. Prospective students from other provinces and territories should request out-of-province equivalencies from the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards, or visit our website at www.registrar.ualberta.ca