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This award was created by the Students' Association to recognize both a member of the faculty and of the staff who have given of themselves tirelessly to the benefit of students and the institution as a whole. The award is named after Betty Ostenrud who was a longtime staff member of Camrose Lutheran College and who truly demonstrated outstanding service to the Campus community. The name of the institution has changed but the strong impact faculty and staff have to the Augustana Campus continues.  Two award recipients is a difficult choice to make as all the nominees are extremely deserving.

2014 Shirley Loewen (staff)
Jeremy Wideman (faculty)
2013 Angela Chappell (staff)
Geraint Osborne (faculty)
2012 Monica Andersson (staff)
Jérôme Melançon (faculty)
2011 Candice Tremblay (staff)
Dr. Kathleen Corcoran (faculty)
2010 Mike Clermont (staff)
Dr. Glynnis Hood (faculty)
2009 Food Services (staff)
Dr. Karsten Mundel (faculty)
2008 Valerie Bailey (staff)
Athletics Coaches (faculty)
2007 Cathy Davis (staff)
Yvonne Becker (faculty)
2006 Cindy Roose (staff)
Keith Harder (faculty)
2005 Jo-Anna Larsen (staff)
Dr. Philip Merklinger (faculty)
2004 Elaine Duchscherer (staff)
Dawn Schooler (faculty)
Roger Epp (faculty)
2003 Janice Lewsaw (staff)
Gerhard Lotz (faculty)
Dawn McBride (faculty)
2002 Lyle McKenzie (staff)
Peter Fung (faculty)
2001 John Olson (faculty)
Computing and Network Services (staff):
  • Dale Swanson
  • Jennifer Vowles
  • Paul Muhlbach
  • Dale Pierce
  • Michael Kopach
  • Adam Kristenson
  • Heather Smythe
  • Arlo Ludwig
  • Travis Rott
2000 Irma Acosta (staff)
Jose Acosta (staff)
Phil Merklinger (faculty)
1999 Ray Blacklock (staff)
Dave Larson (faculty)
1998 Mark Chytracek (staff)
Orlando Olson (faculty)
Anne LeDressay (faculty)
1997 Robert Ford (staff)
Don Myrehaug (faculty)
1996 Hilda Trach (staff)
Kieran Bonner (faculty)
1995 Yvonne Myrehaug (staff)
Gary (Gibber) Gibson (faculty)
1994 Roger Epp (faculty)
Robyn Simpson Mohr (staff)
1993 Lilas Campbell (staff)
Dittmar Mundel (faculty)
1992 Monica Andersson (staff)
Janet Wright (faculty)
1991 Chris Jensen McCloy (staff)
Milton Schlosser (faculty)
1990 Harold Bjorge (faculty)
Mark Chytracek (staff)
1989 Betty Ostenrud (staff)
Morley Riske (faculty)
1988 Marc Hafso (faculty)