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CSSG 35th Anniversary Award (PDF)
Felix Wiese Memorial Award (PDF)
CSSG Student Loan Funding Information (PDF)


CSSG 2013 Funding Group

Left to right (back row): Emma Lowry, Melissa Kennard, Laken Simmons, Jonathan Neufeld, Laura Friesen (Augustana Campus, UofA), Belinda Froese, Francesca Fritz (University of Alberta), Ryssa Moffat (University of Ottawa), Rebecca Davies Wilson (Dalhousie University), Alexander Whittaker (Saint Mary’s University), Lyndon Stanzell (Augustana Campus, UofA), Al Sahin, Alexander Dodd, and Josh Reiniger (University of Alberta).

Left to right (middle row): Alicia Maedel, Elise Houle (Augustana Campus, UofA), Tanya Kelm, Emma Tunney (University of Alberta), Taebry Mitchell (University of Regina), Natalie Ross (University of Alberta), Alison Dahmer (Augustana Campus, UofA), Natasha Eddie (University of Alberta), Victoria Oppenlander (University of Regina), Chelsea Polgar, and Kerstie Schreyer (University of Alberta).

Front row (kneeling): Richard Barnett (Augustana Campus, UofA)

These are the 22 recipients of the various CSSG funding opportunities in 2013. Missing in the photo is Diana Hyejin (University of Alberta).


Augustana Award for Travel to Germany - $375

Laura Friesen
Melissa Kennard
Alicia Maedel
Laken Siemens

Canadian Summer School in Germany 35th Anniversary Award - $500

Ryssa Moffat (University of Ottawa)

Felix Wiese Memorial Award - $500

Rebecca Davies Wilson (Dalhousie University)

The Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning 2013 recipients:

Richard Barnett, Alison Dahmer, Laura Friesen, Elise Houle, Melissa Kennard, Emma Lowry, Alicia Maedel, Jonathan Neufeld, Laken Simmons, Lyndon Stanzell (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta); Alexander Dodd, Natasha Eddie, Frnacesca Fritz, Tanya Kelm, Diana Hyejin, Chelsea Polgar, Joshua Reiniger, Natalie Ross, and Ali Sahin (University of Alberta) were recipients of the Supplementary Funding Bursary.

The Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning 2012 recipients:

Left to right: David Romero ( University of Calgary), Rebecca Hamilton (University of Alberta), Catherine Graves (University of Calgary) and Melody Joy (University of Alberta) were recipients of the Supplementary Funding Bursary.

Missing in the photo are Dhanya Baird (University of Alberta) and Sarah Hunter-Loubert (University of Calgary).

The Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning 2011 recipients:

Allison Bajt (University of Calgary), Lindsey Boehme (University of Alberta), Rachel Braun (University of Calgary), Yirou Chen (Queen’s Univeristy), Lily Climenhaga (University of Alberta), Nicolle Drinnan-Danilowich (University of Alberta), Patrick England ((University of Calgary), Sarah Hertz (University of Calgary), Tyson Herzog (University of Alberta), Katryna Hotchkiss (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Travis Kerslake (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Tegan Leahy (University of Calgary), Britney Luimes (University of Calgary), Gillian McCarron (University of Alberta), Melinda Nevison (University of Calgary), Bryce Tien (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Allanah Twin (University of Alberta), Jaclyn Wabisca (University of Alberta), Suzie Wiebe (University of Lethbridge), and Mark Wrublewski (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)

The Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning 2009 recipients:

Mathew Bobawsky (University of Calgary), Maverick Garon (University of Alberta), Allison Grande (University of Alberta), Elizabeth Hay (University of British Columbia), Amber Jamieson (Grant McEwan University), Alexandra Kostera (University of Calgary), Melissa Kundert (University of Calgary), Britney Luimes (University of Calgary), Melody Polych (University of Alberta), Robert Reeves (University of Alberta), Annette Roth (University of Alberta), Amy Schwartz (University of Alberta), Allison Shearer (University of Alberta), Neil Waters (University of Alberta), Lily Anna Wosar (University of Alberta)


The University of Alberta International Summer Language Program Award 2012 recipients were:

Left to right (standing): Elise Houle (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Jenny Morrow (University of Alberta), Gavin Whitelock (University of Alberta), Lee Baumann (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Laken Simmons (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Laura Friesen (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Sherwin Kwong (University of Alberta)

Left to right (sitting): Richard Barnett (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Suzanna Wagner (University of Alberta), Andrea Ramirez (University of Alberta), Briana Pilgrim (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Gillian McCarron (University of Alberta), Caroline McPhail (University of Alberta), Emma Tunney (University of Alberta), Catherine Trovato (University of Alberta). Missing in the photo are Eryn Dearden (University of Alberta) and Sara Gloeckler (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta).

CSSG 35th Anniversary Scholarship ($500) recipients:

2012 Remi Winder (University of Alberta)
2011 Patrick England (University of Calgary)
2010 Katrina Strohschein (University of Guelph)

The Felix Wiese Memorial Award recipients:

  • 2012 Laura Friesen (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)
  • 2011 Cedric Young (University of Victoria), Katryna Hotchkiss (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)
  • 2010 Emily Rowe (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)
  • 2006 Sheena Kelch (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Emily Bruce (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)
  • 2005 Meagan Scragg (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta), Melanie Boucher (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)
  • 2004 Erin Trayhorne (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)

The Augustana Campus Supplemental Funding recipients: (This award is only open to Augustana Campus students)

  • 2012 Please see 2nd group photo above (Standing) Lee Baumann (fourth from left)  and Laken Simmons (fifth from left) (Sitting) Richard Barnett (first from left), Briana Pilgrim (fourth from left). Missing in the photo are Elise Houle and Sara Gloeckler
  • 2011 Briana Pilgrim
  • 2010 Dierdre Friesen, Shane Randon, Cheryl Verbeem
  • 2009 Dierdre Friesen, Holly Johnson, Cheryl Verbeem
  • 2008 Sarah Alfredsson, Sherry Foot, Jane Garrecht, Amanda Giesbrecht, Cynthia Marks, Gina Sutter
  • 2007 Halley Bailey, Emily Bruce, Jessica Foshaug, Nansee Hughes, Rhonda Newton, Kristie Signer
  • 2006 Emily Bruce, Erin Bruce, Kimberly Bruce, Sheena Kelch, Andrea Mammel, Rhonda Newton
  • 2005 Sara Breitkreutz, Iain Gillis, Erik Olson, Sarah Sapergia, Martina Tobler, Elizabeth Trempner
  • 2004 Melanie Boucher, Jordan Brewer, Shane Christiansen, Cindy Eisman, Graham Hafso, Meagan Scragg, Gitte Sorensen, Martina Tobler, Amanda Williams


CSSG Blogger position

The Learning and Beyond office would like to offer two students the opportunity to share photos, videos, and stories. The promotional material will appear on the Augustana Learning and Beyond and CSSG websites.
View the CSSG blog »

Please review the following duties:

  • Taking photos as well as collecting photos from others; organizing these photos into folders related to events and or places (as in CSSG photo gallery). (minimum of 100 photos)
  • Writing a blog and or collecting stories in English and or German for publication. (minimum of one story per week for 6 weeks)
  • Video podcast is a possibility, depending on interest. Student will have access to CSSG video camera. CSSG 2011 YouTube Channel »

A combination of the above guidelines can be negotiated with the CSSG Director.

Each student will be paid $250 to complete this promotional material. All files should be uploaded by August 15th unless alternate arrangements have been made.

Please apply to Feisal Kirumira before April 1 for this position.