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Lots of them!

Research has shown that employers value the ability of those students who have taken Psychology courses as these students often:

  • are insightful as to understanding why people behave as they do
  • think through alternatives
  • question assumptions
  • find relevant research and background information, and
  • speak and write clearly.

Social Services Psychologists are involved in communities. They help individuals recover from personal trauma and communities cope with disasters.

Health Promotion Psychologists study ways to understand and remedy mental and physical problems of human behaviour, including how to make healthy behaviour a part of everyday life.

Research Psychologists are scientific problem solvers. They use a variety of research methods to describe and explain human behaviour.

Education Psychologists’ understanding of learning and memory allows us to aid in the education of young and old.

Business and Industry Psychologists are trained in collecting, analysing and interpreting data. These skills are valued by a wide range of employers.

Psychologists work in community centres, schools, universities, management, hotels, hospitals, courtrooms, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, laboratories, women’s shelters, advertising, public relations, prisons, human resource management, equipment design, churches, private practice, group homes, government, business, private sector…

Students in Psychology 486 (counselling theories) learn how to counsel children by practicing some play therapy techniques in a play therapy counselling room.