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Available as a Major in:
Bachelor of Arts (Global & Development Studies).
Available as a Minor in:
Any program .


Interdisciplinary Studies at Augustana allows students to propose a set of courses that focus on a subject area which is of interest to the student but which includes courses from a variety of disciplines. For example, a Canadian studies program might combine courses in History, Political Studies, and Sociology. Other interdisciplinary areas might be development studies, environmental studies, studies in social and political thought, and women's studies.

The program allows students to design a concentration which is specifically focused on their particular interests and goals. It combines the breadth of a liberal arts and sciences program with the depth of a concentration in a well-defined area.

New IDS course for Fall 2013: AUIDS 286 "Spirit of the Land: Toward a New Land Ethic"

Idle No More calls us to a deeper spiritual relationship with our neighbours, our land, and our history.  This course will examine the spiritual roots of our disconnect to the land, with particular attention to the historical relationships that have resulted in the denigration of the land and its peoples. It will also seek hope in new relationships based on respect & understanding.The course will feature community oriented, student led research, as well as interaction with indigenous and environmental leaders.

The course will also include a major conference, November 1-2, which will feature Idle No More leaders and allies.

For more information:
Professor Dittmar Mundel (hmundel@ualberta.ca)
or Raj (rathnava@ualberta.ca).