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Available as a Minor in:
Any program.


Acropolis at SunriseThe field of Classical Studies involves the study of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, both of which have profoundly and comprehensively influenced Western Civilization - our civilization - up to the present day.

Classical Studies Courses

Augustana's Classical Studies courses cover the ancient Greek and Latin languages and the principal aspects of Greek and Roman mythology, literature, drama, art and architecture, archaeology, history, and civilization in general, from the Bronze Age to the fall of the western Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D. The program also offers students the opportunity to travel to Greece and Italy to study the remains of these civilizations on site. The courses are supported by good collections of library books, journals, maps, videos, slides, and digital photographs.

DelphiAugustana offers a minor in Classical Studies, requiring 6 junior credits and 12 senior credits in Classical Studies, Greek, or Latin courses. Some Classical Studies courses can also be applied to fulfil certain requirements in the core curriculum, and all courses can be used as options. In addition the Greek and Roman history, art and archaeology, and Philosophy courses are crosslisted as History, Art, and Philosophy courses respectively, so that they can be used for majors or minors in those disciplines.

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