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Jo-Anna Wohlgemuth -- Administrative Assistant, Student Services
Office: Faith & Life 2-336
Phone: 780.679.1163
Email: jawohlge@ualberta.ca

Mark Chytracek -- Director, Student and Residence Services
Office: Faith & Life 2-332
Phone: 780.679.1181
Email: mc8@ualberta.ca

Corinne Williams -- Student Services Coordinator
Office: Faith & Life 2-330
Email: corinne.williams@ualberta.ca

Linda Ruiter -- Accessibility Advisor, Student Accessibility Services
Office: Faith & Life 2-329
Email: augsas@ualberta.ca

Petra Cegielny -- Aboriginal Student Advisor
Office: L1-030, Wahkohtowin Lodge, Forum
Phone: 780.679.1562
Email: petra.cegielny@ualberta.ca